Mäder International


Our Mission

Form. Creativity. Substance. Innovation.
These are the 4 pillars of the products and services offered by Mäder International for more than 40 years to the fashion retail world, through the design and production of mannequins, busts, standers, accessories and window displays. Backed by its extensive know-how and expertise, together with continuous investments in the research and development of new models and materials, Mäder International enhances the collections of leading international fashion designers through the creation of unique, one of a kind stands. Because each garment is meant for a particular type of support: the skill lies in knowing how to create this perfect combination.


The craftsmanship of the sculptor comes together with the art of the sketcher and from a simple prototype an art form is born, to provide support for collections that make their way around the world. Mäder International’s is a concept more than a product, meant to infuse personality and style to each and every type of outfit: from lingerie to clothes, from lingerie to sportswear, from hats to shoes. Every detail comes to life and allows itself to be admired... to the point of conquest. Each line, in fact, is inspired by a particular style, a trend or theme that helps to tell the story behind each embroidery.


From vintage to stylised shapes, from natural to the most eccentric styles, Mäder International carefully observes the latest fashion trends and, with the support of its proven professionalism, offers a product of substance, characterised by the strong character of each line, the millimetre accuracy and attention to the sizes and the quality of the materials used. Its relentless quest for creativity has driven the company to also offer the “out(of)collection” line: unique pieces designed to bring to life out-of-the-ordinary displays, both for shop windows as well as exhibition spaces... enveloping settings for unique collections.


Since the early days of the company, Mäder International has always searched to find the right balance between innovation and fine craftsmanship. That is why the 3D printing of scale models precedes the use of casts by the sculptor... a perfect synthesis of tradition and technological innovation. But there is more: recognising the unparalleled ability of sculpture to recreate anatomical details of the body on a mannequin or bust, the company made the strategic decision to move part of its production activities to Italy, where the corporate headquarters are also located. What’s more, innovation reaches as far as the company’s services: the set for photo shoots and the expo area have been fully renovated to offer a customer experience in line with the latest trends of the fashion world.